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New local and “Cloud” dashboard

A WiFi connection to the BMS monitor and a browser are enough to access a new world where you can visualise your battery usage and condition. This information is also available on the Cloud if the BMS monitor is on a WiFi with Internet connection.

All the data recorded by the BMS and the monitor are available for display as graphs, gauges, tables or statistics.

The measures history and event logs are kept for the lifetime of your battery and you can select the time range to analyse. You can even zoom on any part of a graph.

In addition to the standard dashboard, you can create your own custom dashboards, save them and share them with others. If you have a specific analysis need that could benefit others, let us know and we will create a dashboard that you can import.

The “Cloud” dashboard is updated as soon as the BMS has access to the Internet. It will “backfill” the data from the date of last connection.

To access the “Cloud” dashboard, select the “Dashboard” option from the top menu on the website


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