battery voltage12 V to 48 V
cell voltage2.1 V to 4.9 V
number of battery cells in series4 (up to 16 cells with TAO Extension)
battery cells structureno limit on number of cells in parallel
battery capacity10 Ah to >10,000 Ah
temperature range-20 °C to +70 °C
cell voltage resolution0.001 V
cell temperature resolution1 °C
power consumption30 mA
computer connection portUSB
enclosure size (L x W x H)160 x 114 x 46 mm
Relay outputs
output typeisolated dry contact (no voltage)
default output stateNO or NC (user defined hardware and/or software)
number of outputs6
maximum stable current per output2 A
maximum pulse current per output7 A for 100 ms
output protectioninternal resettable fuse
Cell balancing
balance principledynamic energy transfer between cells
balance start conditionadjustable voltage difference between cells
cell voltage compensation for internal resistanceyes
balance current4 A (1.8 A charge + 2.2 A discharge)
energy transfer efficiency> 90 % each way (charge or discharge)
Current shunt
current measure principlecurrent shunt with auto ranging amplifier
current range with standard shunt+/- 250 A
use existing shuntyes (mount TAO Shunt PCB on shunt)
current resolution25 mA
current measure error< 1 %
power supply12 – 24 V
uninterruptible power supplybackup rechargeable battery / soft shutdown
screen size3.5 inch

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